merasakan pikir memikirkan rasa

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bisakah memperbaiki cara pergimu?


This is the flashlight for you.

Go find your way, a way to me.

Your home.

long letter

i think someday i will write a long letter about leaving and being left. why someday? coz i need time to handle the noisy in the heart. it sounds like a mess. 

am i going to write it soon? i dunno and i can’t promise you that i am going write it for sure, since deep down inside i do hope i do not have desire to write it anymore. time will heal. hopefully.

time heals (?)

“after all this time?”


bagaimana cara menyembuhkan luka?

sedang waktu tak bergerak.



​setiap tetes air mata yang jatuh adalah air terjun.

kau bisa mandi disana, membasuh semua perkara.

jangan keruhkan oleh sangkalan-sangkalan.

mata air mata mulai gersang sejak purnama menemani cinta.